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Damaging Storms Hit Metro with Hail, Power Outages and Flood


Aug 7, 2013
Storms are expected for parts of the Great Lakes stretching into the Central Plains. These storms will push east on Thursday into parts of New England, the Mid-Atlantic and into the Virginias.

More Storms Like Hurricane super storm Sandy Coming TheStreet’s Joe Deaux reports from New York.

Summer on hold as part of Europe battered dEstroyed by Hail storms flash floods Loire region France Germany

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Aug 7, 2013
Summer has taken a pause in some parts of Europe and in have come the storms. In the Loire region…

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Summer has taken a pause in some parts of Europe and in have come the storms. In the Loire region of France hail stones many the size of tennis balls pounded the town of Champdieu shattering the tiles on roofs and breaking car windscreens.

Electricity was off and residents battled to cover their damaged homes to prevent further problems with rain forecast. Many scooped up the hailstones and froze them. The storm was sudden and didn’t last long as one resident explained.

“It arrived all of a sudden and two minutes it was over but in two minutes as you saw it destroyed everything.”

In the north of France in Rouen torrential rain driven by high winds caused chaos for motorists with articulated lorries vulnerable in the storm. Flash floods covered many roads.

In Saxony in east Germany on one motorway a special crane had to be brought in to lift a truck blown over in the high winds. Thunderstorms and heavy rain were the main culprits leaving thousands of travellers stranded at railway stations with trains cancelled or delayed. Frankfurt airport was closed for a time. Falling branches were reported to have caused several injuries.

In the eastern Amur region of Russia a state of emergency has been declared after 300 homes were flooded. Around 1500 people have been evacuated because of the rising water including one family who had just bought their house.

“We bought a house two months ago,repaired some of it, and now everything is in water,” said the owner.