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Double-Blast of M-Class Solar Flares (M3 and M1) & A CME Might Be Heading For Earth

venus retrogrades +3 days aug 16 to 19 2013

Aug 18, 2013 – INCOMING CME: A CME might be heading for Earth. It was propelled into space by a double-blast of M-class solar flares (M3 and M1) on August 17th around 18:30 UT. SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) caught the CME emerging from the blast site, sunspot AR1818:

The expanding cloud is not squarely Earth-directed. If it hits our planet’s magnetic field, the blow will probably be a glancing one. Estimated time of arrival: August 19th or 20th.

These pictures are from NASA, and Were taken from the AIA instrument of the satellite SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory), with a wavelength of 304 Angstroms. this movie was produced by helioviewer org.

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Aug 13, 2013
ALSO; A Storm is brewing in the Carribean. 6.7 EarthQuake in Columbia. Movement on the Eastern Ring of Fire

Long Duration M3.3 Solar Flare August 17, 2013
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Aug 17, 2013
An Long duration M-Class Solar Flare observed from active region 11818 in the southern hemisphere of the solar corona. Peaking to M3.3 at 18:23 UTC August 17th. Associated with this blast was a 10cm radio burst (Ten Flare) measuring to 150 solar flux units. This eruption was slightly ahead of an earth facing position and the resulting Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) does appear to have a strong earthbound component due to the complexity of the blast. Early assessment of the CME indicates impact on earths magnetic field August 21st where geomagnetic storms will be possible.

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