Sep 10, 2010
EXCLUSIVE and RARE VIDEO: Strongest Wind Gust Recorded on Video inside a Hurricane. At 03:08 in this video you will witness a Category 5 wind gust estimated well over 155mph !!!! This video has become famous and known worldwide as the “Hurricane Charley Gas Station” video.

Mike Theiss of Ultimate Chase captures some of the strongest winds ever caught on video inside a Hurricane with an estimate wind gust well over 155mph during Hurricane Charley on August 13th, 2004 in Charlotte Harbor, Florida. This rare Category 5 wind gust is embedded with in Charley’s eyewall with sustained winds of 125mph. Mike believes a “mini-swirl” or “sub-vortices” was embedded in the eyewall and went right over his location during this sudden wind gusts.

Scientist believe Hurricane Andrew had numerous “mini-swirls” that devastated South Florida back in 1992.

While in Charley’s eye Mike recorded a low barometric pressure of 942mb which was used in The National Hurricane Centers final report of Hurricane Charley.