Solar wind
speed: 401.8 km/sec
density: 4.6 protons/cm3
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Updated: Today at 0916 UT

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: B1 0758 UT Sep11
24-hr: B1 0758 UT Sep11
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Updated: Today at: 0827 UT

Solar Winds rising 401.8 km per second 4.6 protons rise (feeding TS Hurricanes Gabrielle Humberto Ingrid Jerry n Manuel)


prediction 11 sept 2013 525 am edt


no CME’s today, so venus retrogrades at 615 utc 11 sept 2013, 215 edt, and you’ll see it make both the solar winds and protons rise, AND it will create downwinds to earth’s geomagnetic storm cells, which feed from the winds, empowering tropical storms in the right conditions, and EF 3 to 5 tornado’s to hit where the yellow, red geo storm cells are concentrated.