Solar wind
speed: 547.5 km/sec
density: 1.3 protons/cm3
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Updated: Today at 1316 UT

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: C1 0817 UT Sep19
24-hr: C1 0817 UT Sep19
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Updated: Today at: 1300 UT

solar winds high 19 sept 2013 547.5 km per sec protons low 1.3 feeding invest 95L (hurricane Jerry, Karen, humberto, manuel) pacific atlantic gulf

it’s +8 days from venus retrograde we usually see tropical waves, invests, cyclones, tropical storms getting more powerful from now till +15 days

which is from sept 19 – sept 26 2013.

prediction 19 sept 2013 925 am edt

the high wind geomagnetic storm cells gathering in the gulf of mexico will feed off the coronal hole solar winds as protons fall to earth, any coronal mass ejections will give the storms a burst of convection….