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Comet ISON Break-Up Pose A Threat? | Video

Sep 19, 2013
As the possible ‘comet of the century’ approaches its date with the Sun (Nov. 28th, 2013), the chances of its break-up will increase exponentially. The comet is not on a trajectory to hit the Earth. What will happen to pieces that may break away?


Daily Orbit – Comet ISON On Track

Sep 23, 2013
Subscribe to MonkeySee for more great videos: 9-20-13: On this episode of the Daily Orbit, comet ISON is on track for a fall spectacular, scientists predict when Earth will become to hot for survival, and a new report says there may not actually be methane on Mars.

Comet ISON Emergency:DHS Russian Troops OCTOBER 1st Preparations-“East Coast Event Imminent”

Aug 24, 2013
Comet Ison Alert August-December Mass Preparations going on. Fema Region 3 alert. Russian troops are on American soil for Martial Law Obamacare forced home inspections

4MIN News September 23, 2013: ISON Pics, 3rd Van Allen Belt, Coronal Hole Power

Comet C 2012 S1 Ison UFO space ship adjusts flight paths around Mars NIBIRU

Ison and Monatomic Gold.

Sep 16, 2013
The Annunaki,Monatomic Gold and More.
Russian Report… Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON)
Taken by Nirmal Paul on September 16, 2013 @ Canary Island, Teide
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