Typhoon Pabuk Near Japan / Habagat Video Update

yt notes
Sep 24, 2013
Severe Tropical Storm Pabuk is spinning off here near the Ogasawara bringing winds gusting up 86kph. Over 100kph was reported on Monday when the storm was a little closer to the island. Still sustained winds up to 80kph could be expected with gust higher. Heavy rainfall is also an issued with over 100mm expected on some of these islands.

Now Pabuk looks like its headed towards mainland Japan at first but what is going to happen is a upper level trough will be rolling in from the Sea of Japan and will hook the storm like a fish hook and pull it off to the North East Skirting the Japanese coastline. The islands south of Tokyo will take the brunt of the storm on Thursday but the good news the worst of the winds and rain should stay off shore from Honshu.

High waves will be a problem though for those in coastal areas. Breakers up to 7-8 meters high are very well possible.