Mexico Counts Cost of Storms Manuel Ingrid 2013

Sep 23, 2013
Mexico takes stock of the devastation after storms that have created one of its costliest disasters.

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Some of the worst storms to hit Mexico in decades have died down—now the country’s taking stock of the damage.

Large areas were flooded by tropical storm Manuel over the past week.

Roads and bridges have been reduced to rubble.

Homes have been wrecked.

[Claudencia Cortes, Flood Victim]:
“We got flooded. We asked several years ago to have a wall built, a containment wall but a strong firm one so at least we could manage to get out because the water comes in directly and we don’t have time to get out.”

The convergence of tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel on the Gulf and Pacific coasts unleashed flash floods and landslides which killed at least 100 people. Others are still missing.

In Sinaloa State even the animals in this zoo didn’t escape the wrath of the stormy weather.

These are the lucky ones.

Local media reports say 12 animals died.

Mexico’s finance ministry says it’s got around 925-million dollars of emergency funding available for what’s likely to be one of the country’s costliest disasters.