Solar wind
speed: 301.4 km/sec
density: 4.0 protons/cm3
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Updated: Today at 1136 UT

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: B5 0355 UT Oct01
24-hr: B6 0253 UT Oct01
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Updated: Today at: 1100 UT

CME C cLASS hit earth today, Solar winds high speeds rise protons rise n fall feeding typhoon cyclones hurricanes tropical storms

prediction 1 oct 2013 748 am edt.

all storms will be higher speed winds as the proton energy mixes in with the earths electro magnetic energy, expect outages in hydro and earthquakes to be over 6.5 + in magnitude for the next 3 days…

venus retrogrades oct 7th 2013 in sagittarius at 1754 -6 days