Louisiana Coast Readies for Weakened tropical depression ‘Karen’ 5 oct 2013

yt notes

Oct 5, 2013
Tropical Storm Karen was downgraded to a tropical depression late Saturday as continued its slow trudge toward the Louisiana Gulf Coast. However, it still threatened vulnerable low-lying areas. (Oct. 5)

the idea girl says

those heavy rainfalls will add up to over 500 to 1000 mm of rain onto the rivers, causing mass flooding along the gulf of mexico as only 2 hurricane cells from karen go inland and head over towards the atlantic east coast florida to generate another more powerful hurricane.

the two cells remaining in the gulf of mexico will generate a new storm, or restart karen, depending on what they decide to call it!

prediction 6 oct 2013 515 pm edt

venus retrograde -1 day, on oct 7 2013.