Typhoon Danas Racing towards Okinawa and W Japan & Fitow Update 6 oct 2013

Oct 6, 2013
Typhoon Danas continues to cruise at a fairly fast pace towards the southern Japanese islands with a likely impact during the evening hours on Monday. The key difference between this storm and Fitow though is that with Fitow it was a slow moving storm with a very large wind field. Danas on the other hand is a fast-moving storm with a small wind field. Which means through monday evening conditions will rapidly deteriorate as the storm approaches going from near calm to Typhoon strength winds in northern portions of Okinawa Honto and then back to rather decent conditions through the overnight hours.

Southern Okinawa on the other hand if the forecast remains the same you will see Tropical Storm Strength winds and not so much Typhoon Strength as that will be reserved for the northern less populated end of the island. Still though based on the forecast at this time.

Tropical Storm strength winds will begin to impact Okinawa Honto by noon on Monday.

By 6PM the center of the storm will be pushing over northern Okinawa Honto or just off the northern coastline. Typhoon Strength winds are likely across the northern half of the island. The southern half including Naha will see sustained Tropical Storm strength winds from the west with gust up to Typhoon Strength. (If you dont know where you live on the island please get a map.)

By Midnight the Tropical Storm Strength winds will be all but over for Okinawa as Fitow continues to race north east.