Oxfam Warns 500,000 people of Disease Outbreak in Mexico After Floods hurricanes disaster areas oct 2013 News

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Oct 3, 2013
Oxfam launches an ambitious aid strategy to reach an estimated 500,000 residents of Mexico’s Guerrero state at risk of flood diseases following the country’s devastating storms.

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International aid agency Oxfam warned on Wednesday of a possible disease outbreak in Mexico’s storm-ravaged state of Guerrero.

It is launching an aid strategy to provide safe drinking water and address the sanitation needs of communities cut off by floodwaters.

Oxfam are focusing their aid efforts in Guerrero, home to the battered Pacific resort of Acapulco as well as some of the country’s poorest rural communities, which saw the worst damage after Tropical Storm Ingrid and Hurricane Manuel landed earlier this month.

Oxfam Mexico Program Director, Rodrigo Galindo says above all else, the local economy is destroyed.

More than one-million people have been affected across the country and 59-thousand evacuated from their homes.

Oxfam’s Regional Humanitarian Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, Carlos Mansilla, warns of a disease outbreak, as epidemics such as dengue have erupted in the past.

Mexico’s Congress is expected to revise its proposed 2014 budget to allow for more disaster spending beyond the roughly 900-million dollars available in emergency funding.

President Enrique Pena Nieto says recent deadly storms have inflicted the worst widespread flooding damage in Mexico in recorded history, and comes as the economy suffers a sharp slowdown.