tropical storm Hurricane Raymond Looms Over Mexico east pacific ocean

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Oct 23, 2013
Hurricane Raymond swirls off Mexico, dumping the southern Pacific coastal area of Acapulco with rain.

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Ports are closed, school classes suspended and hundreds of people have been moved to higher ground, as hurricane Raymond hovers 160 km off the coast of Mexico.

Here in Acapulco, residents clear rubbish from the canal in an effort to prevent more flooding in a city recovering from devastating floods last month.

Nearly six thousand people are still living in shelters after two tropical storms in September killed more than 150 people, causing billions of dollars of damage

[Luz Elena Caballero, Resident]:
“The Marquesita canal is threatening. It comes from the plains and it is full of dirt and they really should help us from that side. That side is where the water comes from. When Paulina happened (hurricane Paulina in 1997) the same thing happened and now again. It’s not fair that we pay for such expensive housing and that we lose everything we have. We lose our furniture. We are losing everything and it is really a very big problem.”

The category three hurricane is already dumping steady rain and many roads are washed out.

Acapulco’s beaches are almost deserted as the winds picked up to speeds of 190 km an hour.

Emergency services said the storm could move closer to the coast on Tuesday before heading west on Wednesday.

Officials are urging residents to leave flood-risk areas and to keep off roads and sea lanes, for fear this heavy rainfall might trigger flash floods and mudslides.