Typhoon Haiyan Tragedy Phillipines Iglesia Ni Cristo Refused Shelter For Typhoon Haiyan Victimns

Iglesia Ni Cristo Church in Iloilo Refused to Shelter Typhoon Yolanda Victims A controversial story of Iglesia ni Cristo Church in Iloilo City who refused to shelter some victims of Super Typhoon Yolanda have gone viral for the past few hours after it was posted on “Splendor of the Church” blog on Monday, Nov. 11, 2013.

According to the author of the blog a certain Mai Militante shared a story of her staff during the Typhoon Yolanda incident in Iloilo City.

Churches are the primary shelters of those victims during the times of calamities but the incident happened in an INC Church was opposite to what Filipinos have been expecting.

Here’s the story of Mai Militante: Mai Militante Story of our staff from yolanda typhoon incident…. they were walking from estancia to balasan road…it was still raining and they were soaking wet, hungry, tired and dead scared… they stopped and thought they could rest at the church of Iglesia in Cristo… but people from the that church told them they cannot come in bcoz they are not members of that church… i was shocked with this story…. as they say “what u sow so shall you reap.” Grabe…

Iloilo INC

Our staff are still trying their best to get contact with anyone from the INC to air their side with this story. If you’re one of the member of the said Church, just add your comments in the space provided below.

What can you say about the gesture of INC towards the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda in Iloilo? Just add your comments and reactions below