Earth, Venus & Comet ISON Tail formation Venus Earth Conjunction 11 Jan 2014 pentagram pyramid meteors asteroid DEbris hits 14 Jan 2014

the idea girl says

Venus always creates a gravitational pull on earth when it retrogrades, so if it’s going through a debris trail from comet ison, and it’s on the opposite side of earth, it will draw the meteors and asteroids closer to earth and cause a massive earthquake, with comet ison pulling on the sesimic plates on one side of the earth and venus pulling on the other side?

not sure how they will be aligned yet, checking to see if i’m right about this theory

prediction 23 nov 2013 645 am est

cool facts about comet ison

quote youtube
Comet ISON debris field will be the path of both Venus and Earth on or about January 14, 2013. The two planets conjunct on 1-11-14, to form the final point in the Pentagram. At that point, Venus enters retrograde motion and “appears” to stand still to us for about 3 days, forming the “tip” of the point of the pentagram or “TOP” of the pyramid. THIS VIDEO IS NOT about religion.

I expect some backlash from a video like this. I hope there are at least a few of you who understand where I’m coming from!?!?

It’s about science and it’s precise mathematical exactness. The universe around us works electrically and, in many cases, predictably.