-Newton's_color_circle green spectra comet ison 2012 s1 dec 2013


Newton’s color circle, from Opticks of 1704, showing the colors correlated with musical notes. The spectral colors from red to violet are divided by the notes of the musical scale, starting at D. The circle completes a full octave, from D to D. Newton’s circle places red, at one end of the spectrum, next to violet, at the other. This reflects the fact that non-spectral purple colors are observed when red and violet light are mixed.

the idea girl says

Comet Ison is GREEn mix this with red, orange and what do you get in primary colors?

musical notes G to A.. interesting I said to steer comet ison we needed the Key of E which is orange and red on newtons color spectra.

(just found this today 1 dec 2013 1134 pm est)