Comet Ison Meditation Ascension Higher Powers EBE 1’s AIRL Day of The Trinity & Perfect Cross Alignment – The Silver & Golden Gates

the idea girl says
(AIRL) – Alien from UFO Roswell Mexico 1947 Crash…says that it is time for all EBE 1’s to rotate their blue, green, red, purple energies together around the earth’s magnetosphere.

creating CROSS energies from continent to continent.. we will form a WEB of protection from all solar storms to come, and right the core of the earth, to avoid the impending pole shift that wants to happen.

meditate by the water, seas, rivers, oceans, let the molecules resound your chorus of 528 hz together, and vibrate the universe and let the elements know we Stand to protect our land!

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Many Universal events will occur on this date and therefor we we will gather in groups, small or big, individual or in couple, to raise the energies on earth, in our heart and in the universe, helping the process to ascension and planetary liberation.

There will be a perfect Trinity Alignment between Earth, Venus and Comet ISON, when we add the Sun it forms the perfect Cross Alignment.

This date is also the end of the Mayans Spiritual Calender Tzolkin, which ends on 13.13.13 (placed over our solar calendar it’s on the 16 th of December 2013. The Day of Trinity!

Also, the Sun enters The Golden Gate and the Moon enters The Silver Gate, so both of them are in their gates on this date.


1. Meditate in groups or alone under 30 minutes if possible.

2. Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.

3. Call upon the prescence of your Soul; your Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

4. Vizualise the moment of compression breakthrough, the Event Flash, the moment of the Planetary Liberation happening NOW!