Earth Facing Coronal Mass Ejection Protons 2014 Solar Maximum Activity and New Asteroids

yt notes

Jan 8, 2014
This is a quick news flash update of new and unexpected celestial events for the 2014 year. The LASCO C2 and C3 video clips in this video reveal a blizzard of proton bombardment. Giant sunspot AR1944 is facing Earth and the Sun is erupting with one of the most impressive Coronal Mass Ejections we have seen in this Solar Maximum and we are past the peak of this 11 year cycle. In 2006 NASA initially expected a solar maximum in 2010 or 2011, and thought that it could be the strongest since 1958.

However, more recent projections say the maximum should have arrived in autumn of 2013 and be the smallest sunspot cycle since 1906, so this activity is significant. As this video is posted Earth is under heavy, sustained proton bombardment to kick up the auroras and noctilucent clouds, and to remind us of Carrington Event possibilities with Earth facing plasma ejections.

Also noted are two new asteroid discoveries as Near Earth Objects (2014 AA and 2014 AF16), one of which we discovered as it was hitting the Earth on January 2nd! All of this occurs during one of the coldest days in recent memory with most of the United States at an average of 28 degrees Fahrenheit under the torment of an arctic vortex.