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Planetary Alignment / Earthquake Watch April 15-16 and 21-23 , 2014

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Feb 27, 2014
Two strong Planetary Alignments (Mars-Earth-Mercury on April 15-16) and (Mars-Earth-Uranus on April 21-23) feature prominently this month may coincide with significant earthquakes to be registered at high latitudes (Alaska, Norwegian Sea) between 7.0- 7.5 Magnitude on either April 15 or 16. The second time frame listed in this video covers April 21-23 where the forecast isolates the Indonesian region for a possible 7.2-7.7 Magnitude earthquake.

Sunspot AR2017 X1 Class Solar Flare NASA SDO 29 Mar 2014 1752 UT sunspot number 135

Sunspot AR2017 X1 Class Solar Flare NASA SDO 29 Mar 2014 1752 UT sunspot number 135

Sunspot AR2017 X1 Class Solar Flare NASA SDO 29 Mar 2014 1752 UT sunspot number 135

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solar wind speeds
Solar wind
speed: 453.2 km/sec
density: 7.8 protons/cm3
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Updated: Today at 0027 UT

X-ray Solar Flares
6-hr max: M1 1800 UT Mar29
24-hr: X1 1748 UT Mar29
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Updated: Today at: 2359 UT

#prediction 7.0 magnitude Quake to hit California CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE Watch 2014 / planetary Alignment Symmetry

here’s a look at history of 7.0 quakes, and the warning a planetary alignments going to cause one in 2014 for california.

solar maximus has arrived – the suns super active in 2014 and sending out tons of x class solar flares.. there was an x1 flare today and it triggered the 5.4 quake in california.

each time there’s an x class flare it hits the earth’s magnetic grids and affects the continents.

5.1 Earthquake SHAKES LA, California | 5.1 Earthquake HITS Los Angeles (March 28,2014) Disney Land Tourists

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Mar 29, 2014
5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Los Angeles Area Near La Habra – 29 Mar 2014 – A magnitude 5.1 earthquake has struck the Los Angeles area of southern California, the US Geological Survey says.

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake hit the Los Angeles area Friday night, the USGS reported.
The epicenter was in Orange County near Fullerton, but it rattled residents in nearby areas as well, including Hollywood Hills.
The shaking could be felt for about 15 seconds.
The USGS had earlier reported it as a 5.4-magnitude, but later downgraded it to 5.1.
The epicenter of the temblor was one mile east of La Habra and four miles north of Fullerton, the U.S. Geological Survey said….
Firefighters in La Habra were urged to move to designated areas and initiate a survey of their districts.
“We have not heard of damage or injuries as of yet,” Orange County Sheriff Lt. Paul Fuzzard said.
Hours before, a 3.6-magnitude tremor hit the same spot, according to the USGS.
Over a week ago, a 4.4-magnitude quake hit about 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles at around dawn.
Friday’s quake was stronger and shook longer.
Twenty years ago, a 6.7-magnitude killed 57 people in the greater Los Angeles area and caused $42 billion in damage.