category 5 Hurricane Katrina Historic Storm Surge Video – Gulfport, Mississippi

Aug 28, 2010
Exclusive video shot by Mike Theiss from ground zero of Hurricane Katrina’s historic 28 foot storm surge that ripped through Gulfport, Mississippi on August 29th, 2005. This video has a time stamp to give a complete and accurate timeline from the Holiday Inn beachfront hotel located directly on the beach in Gulfport. Also, included are shots from the Theiss-Device which is a camera housing designed by Mike to be placed in a place that would be too dangerous from any human to survive. This 13 minute video will give you a sense of just how bad Katrina was on the Gulf Coast without actually putting you in harms way !!!

To see the entire version of this video about 2 hours in duration please purchase the DVD “Battle at the Beachfront”.

Jim Reed and Mike Theiss hope this documentation helps enforce a sense of storm awareness and a respect for the power of mother nature. When local officials ask you to evacuate just think of this video and ask yourself do you want to risk being put in a situation like this ?